Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Active Fleet provides you with the latest top of the range solutions of fleet management. GPS Tracking is a key part of monitoring your vehicles and the heart of each solution bundle. This is why we wanted the best for you and partnered up with the number one provider in the game. Webfleet Solutions by Bridgestone delivers the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. 

With an instant access to location of each vehicle and crucial information such as driver behaviour or ETAs provide you with the ability to make an informed decision anywhere, anytime. In combination with service and support provided by Active Fleet you will be able to save time and money to you and your business while improving operations day in day out.

Increase fleet productivity

Send new job and order details directly to your driver’s device, helping them stay focused on the task at hand.

Improved driver behaviour

Monitor speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering to improve activities on the road and reduce fuel costs and accidents.

Simplified compliance

Make compliance easy, accurate and automated by bringing all compliance management into a single application.



The market leading Software as a Service fleet management solution provides a safe and user friendly way of managing our fleet. You can access Webfleet via desktop browser or mobile app giving you real flexibility.


  • Top security with ISO 27001 certified
  • Leading maps and traffic information with regular updates
  • Open API for more integrations
  • Mobile accessibility 


Webfleet’s LINK series have been leading the market in GPS tracking for years. It’s customisability to virtually any type of a vehicle gives you the ability to have one type of tracker across a range of vehicles knowing that the information you are getting is accurate.

Main features

  • Fixed installation for additional reliability and security
  • CAN bus connectivity
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • FMS Data Connectivity


Webfleet’s PRO series driver terminals come in three versions, 2.5”, 5” or 7” with the later two come with the version for heavy vehicles. Have a chat to one of our professional staff to see which one would be the best for your type of business.


  • Two-way communication
  • Order management
  • Logbook
  • Driver identification
  • Live traffic updates
  • RFID Reader
  • Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM connection