Our Healthcare Solutions

Whether delivering medical supplies or transporting patients and mobile employees who provide essential care, healthcare bodies face numerous challenges when trying to better manage and optimise the activity of their fleets of vehicles.

Active Fleet’s telematics solutions give companies and organisations incredible insights into their operations with real-time monitoring of vehicles, metrics about the on-road behaviour of drivers, extensive data sets regarding fuel consumption, real-time information on the whereabouts of staff and much more.

Among the advantages of our fleet management solutions for the healthcare industry are:

  • Reducing overheads.
  • Reducing fuel consumption.
  • Improving emergency response times.
  • Improving productivity with detailed reports of patient visiting times and the number of patients visited per day.
  • Making operations run more efficiently with tracking tools and two-way communications that let you identify the closest healthcare professional to a patient’s address.

We highly recommend Active Fleet who provide Dantrans with Tomtom satellite tracking and webfleet support. We are able to provide customers with reliable times for their delivery’s. Drivers have real time maps, we know where trucks are and that drivers are safe. We also use it for maintenance scheduling and payroll. 

Kim Lundgaard

General Manager Dantrans