Courier Services

Courier Management Solutions

Courier, parcel and express services need to be fast and punctual.  Delivering packages, parcels, letters and documents on time while keeping costs down is essential.  Our fleet management solutions for courier services save organisations time and money and help them to be more efficient and productive.  

Active Fleet’s end-to-end real-time telematics solutions also reduce downtime.  This is of crucial importance because when a vehicle isn’t running, you’re not earning money from it.

Among the other benefits of our smart fleet management solutions are:

  • Reducing fuel costs.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Real-time location tracking.
  • Detailed and accurate trip recording.
  • Improved routing.
  • Better response times.

With Active Fleet’s telematics solutions, you can now see where your courier service vehicles are at any time.

We highly recommend Active Fleet who provide Dantrans with Tomtom satellite tracking and webfleet support. We are able to provide customers with reliable times for their delivery’s. Drivers have real time maps, we know where trucks are and that drivers are safe. We also use it for maintenance scheduling and payroll. 

Kim Lundgaard

General Manager Dantrans