Crane Trucks

Tailored and integrated solution

Whether you run a mix fleet of crane trucks with flat top trucks, semi-trailers, classic cranes or simply just a crane truck business, we can tailor our solution to your needs.

Using tools such as order management, job scheduling, routing, and mobile camera systems we supply customised end-to-end solutions for to ensure a delivery and handling process of the highest quality and efficiency. Utilising our latest Mobile DVR camera systems capable of 360 degree view can also help you providing often needed proof in case of a dispute.

  • Reduce fuel consumption.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improve safety compliance.
  • Optimise routes.
  • Lower costs and improve ROI.
  • Monitor vehicle engines.
  • Eliminate unnecessary downtime and better optimise assets.
  • Monitor driver performance.
  • Provide a confirmation of deliver (photo and video)
Being in charge of a fleet of crane trucks becomes a whole new experience with easier and more efficient operations regardless of the fleet’s size. Delivering better, higher quality customer experience which costs you less money and less stress.