Mobile Cranes

Smarter Machinery and Vehicle Management Solutions

Staying on top of servicing and maintenance scheduling,  staff and equipment safety, and unnecessary idle time is just a small part of what operating mobile cranes brings.
Active Fleet can combine the latest telematics solutions and technologies to help you better manage your cranes and drivers and thus better cater for the demands of clients while keeping costs as well as the chance of something going wrong to a minimum.
By converting data into operational insights, we can help you to:
  1. Increase productivity.
  2. Reduce operating costs.
  3. Improve safety and driver performance.
  4. Improve preventative maintenance.
  5. Enhance operational efficiency.
  6. Improve fuel management.
  7. Achieve new levels of operational excellence.
  8. Record on and off site fuel consumption for taxation purposes.
Whether you have a couple of cranes or a large fleet of tens or hundreds Active Fleet can tailor and combine the latest technology to cover your business needs. Think better, higher quality service delivered to your clients while having useful insight into your vehicle operations. 

We highly recommend Active Fleet who provide Dantrans with Tomtom satellite tracking and webfleet support. We are able to provide customers with reliable times for their delivery’s. Drivers have real time maps, we know where trucks are and that drivers are safe. We also use it for maintenance scheduling and payroll. 

Kim Lundgaard

General Manager Dantrans