Advanced Government Fleet Management Solutions

Government fleets are under continual scrutiny and pressure to provide a high standard of service while reining in costs.  As government agencies allocate a large part of financial resources to fleet vehicles, it’s no surprise that there is a relenting demand for optimisation, for doing more with less and at the same time doing it well.  

Active Fleet helps local and state governments meet all of these challenges and more through customised telematics solutions that provide a comprehensive 24-hour view of their fleet assets.

Among the features of our advanced telematics solutions are:

  • Mobile workforce management.
  • Vehicle utilisation data such as fuel usage, idle time, underused vehicle use and harsh driving.
  • Smart routing to dispatch drivers more efficiently.
  • Vehicle-by-vehicle breakdown of carbon dioxide emissions.

With Active Fleet, governments can eliminate efficiencies, stay within budget and enhance their operations.