Sales Fleet

Effective Sales Fleet Management

If you’re a business with a sales fleet, you will know that a significant proportion of any sales rep’s day is spent not selling but travelling to appointments.  That’s a lot of hours in traffic and trying to navigate the best routes between offices. Time is also spent on administrative tasks such as logging miles, finding petrol receipts and filling out expenses forms.

Active Fleet’s telematics solutions for sales fleets eliminate wasted time so your sales teams can do more of what you need them to do which is to turn leads into sales and profits.  We can help maximise selling time and speed up administration tasks.

Among the many reasons to use fleet management for your mobile sales teams are:

  • To track and improve productivity.
  • To cut fuel costs with real-time traffic reports for optimised route planning.
  • To keep track of the state of your cars and to take proactive steps to correct vehicle issues.
  • To help your sales team become better drivers by monitoring and correcting bad habits.

Fleet management is a powerful and indispensable tool to make life easier for sales teams and manage and improve sales.