Hire and Rental Services

Complete Hire and Rental Solutions

To be able to manage their fleets effectively, vehicle hire and rental companies need to know where their vehicles are located at any given time.  Meanwhile greater efficiencies can help to cut down on costs and boost bottom lines. Telematics solutions can help.

For example, efficiencies can be created by measuring how much time is spent in each stage of the operational model such as rental, maintenance and car washing.  Telematics can also track vehicles in case of theft and revenues can be improved with greater customer satisfaction. Let’s say the system detects a fault with an engine, proactive roadside system can automatically be provided.  Your customers will thank you, big time.

Additionally, the wealth of data generated can be used to better tailor rental services to customer requirements.

Among the other benefits are:

  • Improved compliance.
  • Improved safety.
  • Better, more informed operational decisions.

Active Fleet can supply customised telematics solutions to any vehicle which allows fleet managers to better serve their customers and run their fleets.

We highly recommend Active Fleet who provide Dantrans with Tomtom satellite tracking and webfleet support. We are able to provide customers with reliable times for their delivery’s. Drivers have real time maps, we know where trucks are and that drivers are safe. We also use it for maintenance scheduling and payroll. 

Kim Lundgaard

General Manager Dantrans