Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance Solutions

Companies in the service and maintenance industry are reliant on a fleet of vehicles to get their technicians to customer appointments promptly.  Therefore, the efficient use of vehicles is of paramount importance. This is where Active Fleet’s telematics solutions come in, smart ways to increase efficiency and optimise your fleet by:

  • Improving the efficiency of your operations by optimising travel routes between customer locations.
  • Helping your technicians to drive more safely because Active fleet’s solutions compile lots of real-time data on driver behaviour.
  • Better managing maintenance as our telematics solutions can quickly identify problems with vehicles allowing you to take action and prioritise those that need repairs.
  • Reducing fuel consumption with extensive reports and metrics that allow you to link driver behaviour to increased fuel costs.
  • Enhancing the level of service you offer your customers by sending them reports on arrival and delivery times and much more.
  • Relieving your mobile workforce from time-consuming administration tasks so they can spend more time serving more customers.